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We have the knowledge, experience, and desire to help you! Mr. Pearson has resolved thousands of traffic and DWI/DUI matters. 

We understand the ramifications of speeding and DWI/DUI offenses on your driving record, license and insurance expenses. When you find yourself facing a high-speed traffic offense or impaired driving charge the process can leave you wondering if you'll be able to keep your license and how you'll be able to get to work and keep your job. 

These concerns are normal. We help you understand your options and work to negotiate the best outcome for you. 

Did you know... NC your license will be automatically revoked if you plead guilty to 15 mph over the speed limit? 

"I had recently moved to western North Carolina when I received a speeding citation. It was much different from the state I had moved from and I was quite surprised to hear I could lose my license even though my record had been clean for years. Mr. Pearson saw me immediately and saved me points on my record and a large fine. I would recommend Mr. Pearson to anyone in need of good law representation." -- S.E. 


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Why hire an attorney for a traffic offense?


Hiring an attorney can keep you from missing work to attend court

When you hire Mr. Pearson we will send you a some documents to sign and return to us via fax, email, text or mail. We are flexible to make it easy for you! 

Your signature allows Mr. Pearson to appear on your behalf. Often employers do not look favorably on employees having to miss work for court, we save you this hassle.


Hiring an attorney can save points on your license and insurance

An attorney can negotiate a plea for non-moving offenses to minimize points on your license and insurance.

Just paying off (pleading guilty to) a ticket can lead to increased insurance premiums for years, costing much more than you would have paid for representation in court. 


Hiring an attorney can extend your time to pay

Tickets can be expensive! If you might need to save money for a few months to have the cash needed to pay the fine and court costs, Mr. Pearson can request a continuance, extending the court date for your ticket. 

This can give you some time to save and not have to get a high-interest "payday" loan to be able to pay the ticket right now.

DWI/DUI Representation


What is the difference between DWI and DUI?

NC now refers to this offense as Driving While Impaired, or DWI. This can include more than just driving when intoxicated by alcohol, although alcohol is most common. 

Anything that appreciably reduces your ability to drive, like prescription or recreational drugs, can be considered impairing substances. 

Common usage, and other states, still sometimes refer to DUI, or Driving Under the Influence. But, in NC, DWI is the only actual charge. 


What is a limited driving privilege?

Sometimes a high-speed speeding ticket or DWI can cause revocation or suspension of your driver's license

Often people need to have a driver's license for essential areas in their life. NC law allows individuals under certain circumstances to be eligible for a limited driving privilege related to:


  • Employment
  • Maintenance of your household 
  • Education
  • Court-ordered treatment or assessment 
  • Community service ordered as a condition of probation
  • Emergency medical care

If you have lost your license, or are  concerned about a suspension of your license, please call us! 

Not everyone is eligible, but a limited driving privilege can help you maintain your life if your license has been suspended or revoked. 


Client Feedback

"Mr. Pearson is a very well versed Attorney in matters concerning CDL drivers. I would highly recommend him to any and all CDL drivers that need legal assistance in the Hendersonville, NC area. Thank you, Sir, for all of your help in my situation." -- S. L.  

"I live in Kentucky and had the misfortune of being stopped within a "speed trap" resulting in traffic violation requiring me to attend a court session. I had contacted a lawyer who was to represent me but unfortunately became seriously ill. I received an official letter from the NC Court system found out I was in danger of losing my license and increased fines. I searched the Hendersonville, NC area and found an ad for the Pearson Law Firm. Mr. Pearson answered my frantic call and after explaining the situation agreed to represent me and did so the very next day after I sent in some information. He also successfully had the infraction reduced to a backseat seatbelt violation where I immediately paid the fine. Mr. Pearson was very accommodating and quickly turned the situation to a close. I would recommend the Pearson Law Firm to anyone who needs assistance in the Hendersonville, NC area."    -- D. S.

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